Tuesday, 1.8.08

  • Continue to familiarize yourself with the way the wiki works (but be careful not to trip on all the alliteration around here).
  • Read and respond to aspects of the first chapter of Jacob's Room.
  • Find online resources to Jacob's Room and Virginia Woolf and post them on the JR forum page.
  • Find media (video, audio, photos) related to Virginia Woolf and add them to Virginia's Drawing Room.
  • Yes, you may briefly try to customize your own student page, but keep it tasteful ... and don't waste too much lab time with it.
  • Wonder of the day: wouldn't the wiki be a great place to post all of the essays you write through the year? Could we move toward a paperless classroom - where "paperless" means "no pieces of paper," as opposed to "no papers"? Reply to this or add a Daily Wonder of your own.

Monday, 1.7.08

It takes a little time (but not much) to get used to a wiki's ways.

First ...

Then ...

Then ...
  • Why not go to the Sandbox and play around a bit?

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